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Construction is ongoing day and night at the Smart World One DXP project. For those who have invested in their dream homes here, it reflects a valuable lesson time is limited, and opportunities to secure your dream home are fleeting. The company GetSetProperty.Com, welcomes you to a brand new Blog, providing construction status updates for April 2024.

Clarifying Construction Progress

This blog aims to clarify whether construction has halted and to provide insight into the current construction status of Smart World One DXP. For those who have already booked units in Phase One, it offers a glimpse into how quickly progress is being made. Additionally, details regarding floor plans, pricing, and payment plans for Phase Two at Smart World One DXP are provided. Make sure to read this blog until the end, Let's begin with the construction status update of Smart World One DXP in 2024.

Overview of Tower Construction Progress

The construction is progressing rapidly , with towers reaching up to the third and fourth floors. Below is a table summarizing the progress of each tower:

Tower Floors Completed
A Ground to 3rd
B 2nd to 3rd
C 5th
D 4th
E 4th
F 5th
G 5th
H 2nd to 3rd

Continued Tower Progress

The construction progress for Tower E, F, G, and H is as follows:

Building Floors

Tower Current Floor
E 4th
F 5th (in progress)
G 5th
H 2nd to 3rd

The Central Lagoon and Non-Tower areas behind Tower F G H at Smart World One DXP are also witnessing significant progress.

Insight into Floor Plans

For those considering purchasing in Phase One or Phase Two at Smart World One DXP, here's an updated glimpse into floor plans. Below is a table detailing the available unit sizes and configurations:

Unit Type Size Configuration
3.5 BHK 2700 sq. ft. Spacious living areas, utility terraces
4.5 BHK 2700 sq. ft. Large decks, attached washrooms
5 BHK Plus Utility Varies Consistent features, variations in balcony areas

Comparing Floor Plans

Here's a comparison of floor plans within Tower A at Smart World One DXP:

Unit Type Size Configuration
Type Six 3016 sq. ft. Townhouse apartments, drawing and dining areas
Type Seven 2450 sq. ft. Two master bedrooms, smaller deck area

Construction Status and Payment Plans of Smart World One DXP

Construction is well underway at Smart World One DXP, with a convenient payment plan. Here are the details of the payment plan:

Payment Plan Details
20:80 Payment Plan 20% deposit, 20% after a year, remaining 60% at the time of possession

Limited-time offers are also available, and interested buyers can take advantage of special deals during the ongoing Navratri festival.


As construction forges ahead at Smart World One DXP, the vision of a vibrant community takes shape, offering not just homes but a lifestyle tailored to modern aspirations. With each milestone achieved, the promise of a brighter future beckons for all who are part of this remarkable journey.

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