About Us

Revolutionizing real estate across India

Our Founder

Vishal Choudhari, the visionary founder and CTO of GetSetProperty.com, brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the real estate industry. With over 7 years of dedicated service, Vishal's leadership has been instrumental in shaping the company's success and driving innovation in the sector.

Our Services

At GetSetProperty.com, we specialize in a comprehensive range of real estate solutions, including commercial, plots, and residential properties. Whether you're seeking to invest, buy, or sell, our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.

Loan Facilities

Understanding the importance of financial flexibility, we offer convenient loan facilities, including home loans, to help our clients achieve their property ownership goals. Our seamless loan process, coupled with competitive rates, ensures a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Mumbai Base

Headquartered in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, GetSetProperty.com operates as a dynamic real estate portal, serving clients nationwide. Our strategic location enables us to stay at the forefront of industry trends and deliver unparalleled service to our valued customers.